Important Information

Studentsáinterested in trialling for aáDistrict School Sport:

Students can only trail for district or regional school sportáwhen nominated through their school.

Studentsáinform theáSport teacher at school,áthey are interested in trialling for a sport.á

Schools will nominate the student through to the coach or convenoráof the sport.áStudents will receive trial district trial áinformation package witháconsent forms.á Principals sign and stamp theáconsent form, giving studentsápermissionáto attend.

Aánominationátrial fee is to be paid on School Shop Online once the principal has signed the permission form.á District nomination fees are non-refundable.

At Trials, studentsáMUST bringásignedáconsent form to the trials.ááTheáschool stamp is required at the bottom of theáconsent form near the Principals signature.á

Schools, Convenors, Coaches and Team Mangers receive a SSOL payment report before trials.á Parents are toákeep a record of payment to be able to display for proof of payment.

NO PAID FEE, áNO FORMá=áNO TRIALS.á Students will be turned away if they don't have the correct forms and fees paid.


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