District sport in general

In 2013 Pine Rivers District has combined their primary and secondary school sports.

Pine Rivers DistrictSchool Sportoffers students at29 schools in Pine Rivers District the opportunity to compete at district level for the opportunity to represent our district at Metropolitan North trials and carnivals, with the possibility of selection into Metropolitan North teams competing at state events. Students must be nominated by their school in order to attend a district trial or carnival. they will receive all required Information and permission forms through their school.

Studentsare required to hand in signed Permission Formswhichare to be completed and signed off by parents and schoolPrincipal with a school stamp. A $5 feewill berequired to be paidviaPine Rivers District School Shop Online.

Student'sare totake toTrials,all permission forms completed, signed by parent and Principal of their school and a receipt of paymentto show proof of payment to handto thecoach at Trials. Students will NOT be allowed to trial if permission forms are not handed in completed and receipt of payment isn't shown before trials begin.



Files to download - Click the title to view/download the document

11-12 Girls League League Team Information Letter (355 K) - Type: MS Word file
11-12 years Girls Rugby League Team Information Letter

Code of Conduct (285 K) - Type: MS Word file
All students, parents and spectators are to follow the Code of Conduct.

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